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The Association for Construction Career Development (ACCD) introduces Arizona Construction Career Days (AZCCD)

Arizona Construction Career Days (AZCCD) event and the VIP Reception are a workforce development tool. It introduces high school students, counselors, politicians and industry leaders to careers in the construction industry which support the pipeline that will provide the professionals of Building Tomorrow's Workforce Today. AZCCD has proven highly successful in promoting the construction industry and the careers it offers to America's youth.

 AZCCD began as a partnership between Federal Highway Administration and the National Association of Women in Construction; since then our team has grown to include...

  • Army National Guard (ANG)
  • Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)
  • Arizona Department of Education (ADE)
  • Career and Technical Education (CTE)
  • Federal Highways
  • Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)
  • Association Builders Alliance (ABA)
  • Arizona Rock Products Assocation (ARPA)
  • Local Labor Unions and Apprenticeship programs
  • Local Utility Companies (SRP, APS, SWG)
  • Many Construction Leaders in the State of Arizona

Students interested in attending must register through their school career specialist or guidance counselor.

Construction Career Days History

National Construction Career Days history unfolded during the latter part of 1997, Mike LaPointe, Greg Mooney, Humberto Martinez and Ross Martinez began informal discussions on the severe shortage of skilled workers in the highway construction industry. The shortage had manifested in the form of reduced quality and a decrease in the number of bidders submitting quotes for highway projects in Texas. Further discussions focused on strategies to address the shortage. Greg Mooney suggested the idea of marketing the construction industry and career opportunities among high school students. Thus, the idea for the "Highway Construction Career Days" event was born.


The AZCCD event was in the planning stage in 1999, Humberto Martinez has been our mentor orchestrating the largest construction event in Arizona. From the beginning; AZCCD has been an example of community partnerships. 


As evidence of the interest in the construction industries in the AZCCD events, our statistics show that there have been more than 400 exhibitors’ displays and 500 pieces of equipment to date.

Community partnerships remain central to AZCCD concept and to the vision and mission of the Association for Construction Career Development.  It is in working together and sharing information among the many industry partners that the construction industry is effectively promoted to America’s youth and the workforce of the 21st Century is developed.


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